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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need our passports?

Starting on June 1, 2009, ALL US citizens will need a passport or a passport card to travel anywhere and by any means outside the United States.
Currently, US citizens need a passport if they travel by air regardless of their destination. The new rule now applies to LAND and SEA travel as well.
In the past US citizens have been able to reenter the country from Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean with just a photo ID and a birth certificate or other form of citizenship. The US State Department has been gradually phasing in tighter restrictions and the JUNE 1 rules will bring all travel in line, regardless of destination.
The only exception is children under the age of 16. For travel from Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean they will continue to be allowed reentry with a birth certificate or naturalization paper. Of course children traveling outside North America will still need passports as they always have.
The Passport Card: Did you know you can also get a passport card? It is much less then a passport book and you can even apply by mail!! GO to the website mentioned below for more information.
For up to date information –
To find a passport processing center near you –

Can we bring food and drinks?

Bring all you want. There is no restrictions at the border and each unit has a full-size kitchen. Its also smart to travel across the desert with plenty of water.

Can you recommend some restaurants?

The Las Palmas Bar & Grill serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chonga’s sport bar is right behind us and there is a number of restaurants nearby.

Should we bring linen and towels?

The units are fully furnished. You should bring towels and beach chairs for your time spent away from the room, but otherwise the units have all wears, linens and supplies.

What type of kitchen wears and utensils are available?

Each unit is privately owned and so the inventory will vary slightly. By in large, the units all have the basics for preparing traditional meals. Owners are free to elaborate about these type of furnishings on their profile so you are welcome to look around at View Units.

I know Las Palmas doesn't allow pets, but can we bring a very small, very very well-trained dog?

No, we have a strict policy of no pets allow.

Will my room have a phone and internet?

Almost all of our condos and casas have a phone and internet. Free wireless internet is available at the clubhouse.

Will my cell phone work in Rocky Point?

Some do, some don’t. Regardless, you’ll likely be roaming so fees will incur.

My CC Statement doesn’t say the charge is from Las Palmas, whats up?

Welcome to Mexico! It often depends on your bank and/or if you were in Mexico when you charged the card. All CC charges will show up as either Las Palmas or Reservations Online, LLC which is our U.S. partners that handle reservations.

How far is it from Las Palmas to town?

Sandy Beach is just outside of town. We are a 10 minute drive from the Old Town district

Where is the airport?

Rocky Point has no commercial airport. The nearest is Phoenix or Tucson.

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